Changing Act

Officials from the CA Sri Lanka overseas chapters

Plans to set up a common regulator for the communication and information sectors have been activated with a draft bill now available.
The draft bill accommodates the rapid changes taking place in the industry and is in line with the states ICT development agenda. rn

rnState officials say the bill is aimed to create a competition centred, transparent and simple regulatory framework.rn

rnBy covering the communication and information sectors, the Communication Act and the new commission could replace the regulatory bodies governing the two sectors and the existing Sri Lanka Broadcasting and Rupavahini Corporation Acts. rn

rnA workshop set for Friday will seek the views of the industry and the public on revising the current legislation governing the radio frequency spectrum and telecommunications. rn

rnMinistry of Policy Development & Implementation and Ministry of Economic Reforms, Science and Technology will share the responsibilities of the project. rn

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