Cheap Cheap

June 30, 2006 (LBO) – Ceylon Petroleum Corp or Ceypetco has developed a lower octane gasoline for use in three wheelers, motorbikes, the island’s sole oil refiner said Friday. The ‘RON 87 petrol’ has been developed by CPC scientists and engineers to ensure three-wheelers have the right formula for fuel.

CPC says three-wheeler taxis can charge less for fares, while their engines will perform better than the current 90 octane petrol that’s on offer.

“The special fuel formulated in the refinery at Sapugaskande has proved without any doubt that the best fuel for three-wheelers is available in Sri Lanka at a reasonable price,” the Petroleum Ministry said.

The new gasoline will not be available islandwide immediately, as fuel sheds need to install separate pumping facilities, the statement said.

CPC has not yet decided on the price per litre, Ceypetco’s S K Cyril said adding that the new fuel will be cheaper than the 90 octane petrol which now costs 93.00 rupees.

Ceypetco hopes to do a test run on July 4, where Minister A H M Fowzie will issue ten litres of fuel each to 25 selected three wheeler users.

The ministry says the new petrol meets engine manu