Lack of Trust

The securities watchdog on Thursday said it was talking to the Unit Trust industry to generate new ideas on how to grow the sector.
Initial recommendations include awareness programmers like seminars and road shows in areas with potential investors as a means to popularize the industry.rn

rnAnother recommendation calls on the industry to introduce innovative new products and close ended unit trusts to cater to a wider cross section of investors. rn

rnOfficials hope the initiatives will generate fresh public interest in investing in Unit Trust, curb a further drop in unit trust holders and help the industry reach its intended rural clientele. rn

rnUnit trust firms in Sri Lanka have failed to capture the interest of investors despite a greater awareness about investments options. rn

rnRecent initial public share offers spurred great interest from even outback villages, suggesting that a vast investment pool remains untapped. rn

rnThe Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Director General Pa

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