Lacy Trimmings

When the mighty forces join hands, the results are potent. The House of MAS Holdings and The House of Noyon Dentelle de Calais of France have teamed up. The holy alliance will strengthen Sri Lankas position as a global centre for intimate wear apparel endash a far cry from King Kashyapas time when the comely maidens of Ceylon went about topless.
In the post-Clinton era, the teddy has stealthily gone from presidential footnote to wardrobe staple. Lingerie, after all, is the ldblquote only business you cant see,
dblquote says Olivier Noyon, Chairman of Noyon Dentelle de Calais of France.rn

rnToday, says Noyon, things have changed. Lingerie is no longer considered a hidden business. rn

rnldblquote Its the art of seeing things invisible. Women wear them like a second skin. They want it to be fashionable, washable, with warm and sensuous colours, raunchier and lacier the better,
dblquote Noyon says with a twinkle in his eye.rn

rnNoyon should know. His family business is the biggest lace ma

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