Last Warning

Feb. 21 (LBO) – About 50 public sector trade unions called off a planned strike, giving the government a ten day ultimatum to sort out salary anomalies. Unions want the government to give low and middle level public sector workers higher wage increases, instead of the 25 percent or less approved by a government circular in January.

Senior levels of the public administrative and accounting sectors have been given a 65 percent wage hike and medical services a 46 percent increase in the circular.

The judiciary and medical sector for example have steep increments at senior levels but for majority of public servants at lower levels, the increments are not that high, K. S. Weerasekara, from the Confederation of Public Service Independent Trade Unions told journalists on Tuesday.

The trade unions have threatened to stop work if the issue is not resolved quickly, crippling services like electricity, posts, telecom and railways across the island.

Following a meeting with unions on Tuesday, President Mahinda Rajapakse has agreed to amend the circular within ten days, though unions are sceptical.

We don’t believe that the Wages

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