LBR LBO Enterprise Summit 2015 – Session 05: Building Disruptive Business Models: Opportunities & Challenges

Download the Presentation : [Session 05: Keynote Presentation] Mani Kulasooriya and Brian Beach SESSION 05: BUILDING DISRUPTIVE BUSINESS MODELS: OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES SESSION INTRODUCTION Clayton M Christensen (Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School) observes that companies have two basic options when they seek to build new-growth businesses. They can try to take an existing market from an entrenched competitor with sustaining innovations. Or, they can try to take on a competitor with disruptive innovations that either create new markets. Research overwhelmingly suggests that companies should seek out growth based on disruption. However, established companies have historically struggled when trying to create new markets. Success seems fleeting and unpredictable. Vincenzo Morabito (Associate Professor of Organization and Information Systems at Bocconi University) in his landmark scholarship, Trends and Challenges in Digital Business Innovation, noted that the structuring of business models and their adaptability to various marketing conditions and competitiveness are fundamental to the search of new competitive advantages and sustaining existing competitive advantages. Innovation in business models is thus vital for the longevity and growth of an enterprise. The session on “Building Disruptive Business Models: Opportunities & Challenges” discusses how two companies, one a digital start up and the other an established old business, leveraged digital technology to develop disruptive models for greater customer value and positive business results. The session will also focus on:
  • What is a disruptive business model?
  • What is business model innovation and how is it different to product and service innovation?
  • What are the recent trends in business innovation?
  • What are the challenges that need to be addressed when designing, developing and deploying new business models?
  • What are the opportunities for building models to enrich the lives of those at the bottom of the pyramid?
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