LBR LBO Enterprise Summit 2016 – “Build Smarter Businesses with Smart Technologies or be Outsmarted” – Thursday 7th April 2016


Topic: Build Smarter Businesses with Smart Technologies or be Outsmarted
Date/Time: Thursday 7th April 2016 | 0730 - 1930 Hrs
Venue: Oak Room, Cinnamon Grand
Host: Lakshaman Bandaranayake | Founder, Publisher | Lanka Business Online [LBR LBO]
Inquiries: Lakshaman Bandaranayake | | 071 176 0167 or 072 776 0167 General | | 071 466 0060
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SMART TECHNOLOGIES DELIVERING UNIMAGINABLE VALUE Technology pioneers are creating smarter businesses by leveraging the exponential power of the smart technologies – Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, Cloud Computing, Data Science and Social – and are creating extraordinary value to the modern society. By connecting people, processes and things via smart technologies businesses are improving financial performances, enhancing customer experiences and increasing employee engagement. They are reimagining the business philosophies, business models, business processes and customer experiences, and in so doing are making the businesses more human centric, agile, responsive, competitive and high performing. There isn’t a single business today, which is not affected by smart technologies. And every company in every industry is looking for ways and means to harness the transformative powers of such technologies. A business can today ignore the exponential transformative power of smart technologies only at the risk of being outsmarted and outperformed by smarter competitors. Some companies are exploring new business models, developing new user experiences, and experimenting with new channels and platforms to create significant new value in the technology powered business environment. To get there, most of these companies are pursuing the same laundry list of initiatives. They are reengineering processes and products, investing in technology platforms, and launching efforts to achieve back-office efficiency. Such efforts are rarely translated into enough market impact and growth. Their results are too incremental and not unique; they merely move their brand recognition or increase sales a bit. There is far more market-making, world-changing potential in technology. On the other side consumers are rapidly embracing technology- powered lifestyles in all aspects of their lives- economic, education, and entertainment, social and political, perhaps at a much faster pace than the corporates. LBR LBO Enterprise Summit 2016 ““Build Smarter Businesses with Smart Technologies or be Outsmarted” will bring together over twenty-five thought leaders from multiple industries and disciplines from here and abroad in five insightful and thought provoking sessions. Each session will have two to three brief keynotes and will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by a senior business executive with in-depth understanding of technology and business. The session would be:
  • Building smarter businesses by leveraging smart technologies: What can we learn from technology pioneers?
  • How smarter businesses reimagine customer experience to increase the reach and relevancy?
  • How smarter businesses develop human centric value chains?
  • Is there a road map to build smarter business models through integration of digital and physical: Why, what and how?
  • Business Leaders Roundtable: How to lead organizational change to build smarter businesses by overcoming three inertia - Change, Innovation & Strategy Execution
SMART BUSINESSES ARE HERE IN SRI LANKA Building smart businesses is not about just reinventing business processes and operations digitally. It’s about embracing a wholly new business philosophy. It’s a new way of inventing new opportunities and creating new value to society by leveraging smart technologies in all spheres of human endeavors. Smart technologies are touching every sphere of human endeavor in an unprecedented manner and as such it is and will be the most impactful phenomenon in the human history. Consumers are embracing the spectacular changes and new values the digitally turbo-charged enterprises are bringing to them. Local start-up “Pick-Me” and global ride-share company “Uber” empower Colombo citizens with the freedom to choose the best transportation option for their needs. Instead of calling for a cab and waiting without knowing when the cab will arrive- or flagging down a Tuk-Tuk on the streets, “Pick-Me” and Uber give consumers access to safe, affordable rides, quickly through an app on their smartphones. Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), the government owned utility agency, is deploying Smart Metering Technology (SMT), which will provide the consumers with near real time electricity usage data thus giving them power to make decisions on their consumption levels. SMT will also make consumption and billing data transparent to both the consumer and utility provider at the same time. There are several hundred Airbnb “hosts” in the city of Colombo and suburbs. These “hosts”, front-runners in the shared-economy, are generating new revenue streams for themselves from existing properties while offering the travellers a cheaper alternative. Good old CEB (by deploying SMT), Pick-Me, Uber and AirBnb all are extracting new value out of existing physical infrastructure by deploying digital technology. The governing philosophy is respecting customer’s right to make informed decisions and making sincere and honest efforts to make the required information available in a timely and easily accessible manner. As observed by Rajan Anandan, Managing Director of Google Southeast Asia and India, Sri Lankan ecommerce has a promising future, though still at a nascent stage. Some estimates put the sector value in the region of USD 1.5 billion in the next five years. The mushrooming e-commerce sites and Facebook stores and the success of some of the early entrants such as are indicative of the consumers’ enthusiasm to embrace online and social commerce.
Strategists often equate the term “Digital Transformation” with the shift in technological investment when its true implications span far beyond technology and into the realm of infrastructure, organization, leadership, and a renewed focus on the entire customer experience”
MAS Holdings, is rising up to challenges posed by the rapidly changing customers’ tastes and preferences in fashion clothing. Usually the industry takes 12 to 18 months to turnout new designs: from design to market. As a result of changing customer expectations, the brand owners now demand shorter lead-time and smaller orders sizes, thus exerting severe pressure on the supply chain and risking the scale of economies. The response of Bodyline has been to reimagine the value chain by deploying digital technologies to closely observe the consumers to gain deeper insight, develop closer integration and collaboration in supply chain. This has resulted in significant impact in the brand owners’ market effectiveness. Colombo based Cake Labs provides a platform independent cloud based integrated solution for the restaurants industry. The system empowers restaurant managers to focus on the day-to-day operations while the Cake Labs solution integrates every touch point of a restaurant. The system also transforms the end-to-end customer experience through key integrations at all major touch points. Customers can order online and a dynamic wait listing process with personalized notifications keep customers informed of their seating availability and built-in analytics allow repeat customer recognition and preference pattern analysis. nCinga is revolutionizing apparel manufacturing by deploying solutions driven by IOT and analytics. nCinga’s manufacturing solutions help companies make real-time decisions using fast data, analytics and insights. Ustocktrade, the newest venture of Tony Weerasinghe, Sri Lanka’s leading tech entrepreneur, brings the power of mobile, cloud and analytics to create world's First Retail Stock Trading Network. Ustocktrade aims to lower the barriers of entry to investing, empowering users—regardless of skill or experience level—to make trades. Millennium IT, a global IT company originated from Sri Lanka and generally known for stock exchange solution, is now helping companies to leverage data science, cloud computing and social develop all encompassing “Social Relationship Management” strategies for companies- enabling businesses to create deeper and closer customer engagement as never before. In the social and political fronts, analyzes, summarizes and presents the work done by Members of Parliament (MP) in a way that a common man can understand thus paving the way to making informed electoral decisions by the constituents. Consumer adoption of digital is evident by rapid popularization of social media and active political conversations on Facebook and Twitter. People everywhere are using social networks to find jobs and restaurants, lost friends and new partners – and, as citizens, to achieve common political goals. Social media played a vital role in the regime change that took place on the 8th January 2015. The youth have since been vociferously active on social media in challenging the establishment on the number of social, political and environmental issues. Mobile has become so common that consumers no longer consider that as a technological marvel. Instant voice accesses to anyone anywhere in the world and instant broadband access to World Wide Web are taken for granted today. The rapid expansion of digital infrastructure will soon see universal mobile Internet, making Sri Lanka a fertile ground for digital services in all spheres of citizens lives; economic, social, public and political.
“I can’t think of any industry sector or company which is immune from Digital Transformation.” - Andrew Paul McAfee Co-director, Initiative on the Digital Economy, MIT
No one can escape the massive transformation driven by the smart technologies and the spectacle it has begun. The challenge is how to discover a roadmap for navigating innumerable and breathtaking changes that are now taking place. Sri Lanka is ready to move in to deep digital age and there are some positive and encouraging developments in certain sectors in Sri Lanka business. In Sri Lanka, majority of business leaders stated in an online survey that they were highly concerned about the digital disruption. Join 300 other technophile corporate executives who are keen on leading smart technology revolution in creating smarter Sri Lankan companies at the 2016 edition of LBR LBO Enterprise Summit ““Build Smarter Businesses with Smart Technologies or be Outsmarted” from 0830 to 1800 HRS on Thursday the 7th April 2016 at Oak Room, Cinnamon Grand.


Time Session Session Chair Keynote Speaker Panelists
0730 - 0830 Pre-conference – Delegate check-in, Summit materials pick up, networking breakfast ( Networking breakfast, courtsey Microsoft)
0830 - 0845 Opening – Welcome and opening remarks
0845 - 0905 Opening Keynote  1 "Disappearing Technology"   Brian Kealey / Microsoft  
0905 - 0925 Opening Keynote 2 "Reinvent or be Outsmarted"    Kris Canekeratne / Virtusa  
0925 - 1030 Session 01 - Building smarter businesses by leveraging smart technologies: What can we learn from technology pioneers? Peter D'Almeida Managing Director N*able Fazal Asfaq / Google (10M) Kris Canekeratne / Virtusa
Romesh Ranawana / SimCentric (10M) Brian Kealey / Microsoft
1030 - 1150 Session 02 - How smarter businesses re-imagine customer experience to increase the reach and relevancy Irfan Ahmed / MAS Zoe Lawrance / TNS (15M) Makshoodh Meerasaibu / Unilever
Tony Weerasinghe (Vidoe Presentation) (10M) Tharaka Ranwala / Sampath Bank PLC
Bhavik Rathod / UBER (10M) Jeggan Rajendram / Google
1150 - 0115 Session 03 - “Delivering Customer Value Through Disruptive Business Models Enabled by Smart Technologies” Rohan Jayaweera / Antyra Dilan Gooneratne / MAS (15M) Piriyatheepan Nadarajah / Tech Entreprenuer
Shanil Fernando / Cake Labs (15M)
Imal Kalutota / nCinga (10M) Jerome Perera / MIT
0115 - 0200 Lunch
0200 - 0330 Session 04 - Strategy, Business Case and Roadmap: the transformative triad to build smarter businesses by leveraging smart technologies Kumudu Gunasekera / Stax Asanka Abeysinghe / WSO2 (15M) Dilan Gooneratne / MAS
Chandima Cooray / Hemas Holdings (15M)
Conrad Dias / LOLC (15M) Sheyantha Abeykoon /
0330 - 0350 Keynote Address "Sri Lanka: Ready ?" Arunesh Peter / ICTA
0350 - 0410 Tea/Coffee
0410 - 0530 Session 05 - Thought Leaders Round table: How to lead organizational change to build smarter businesses by overcoming three inertia – Change, Innovation & Strategy Execution Shyam Sathasivam / Sunshine Farhan Syed / KPMG (20M) Channa de Silva / Lanka Clear
Sanjiva Senanayake / Sampath Bank
Sriyan de Silva Wijeratne / Textured Jersey
Feroz Cader / MillenniumIT
Arunesh Peter / ICTA
0530 - 0540 Closing remarks
0540 - 0730 After Summit networking reception, courtsey MillaniumIT

Session & Speakers

Session 01 - Building smarter businesses by leveraging smart technologies: What can we learn from technology pioneers?
  Peter-D’Almeida Session Chair Peter D’Almeida CEO N*Able       Peter is the Managing Director and Chief Executive of N-able (Pvt) Ltd, an IT venture he founded in 2008 with the Hemas Group, and counts for 25 years in the IT industry. Starting his career at East West Information Systems, he moved to ComputerLand to launch Sun Microsystems in Sri Lanka and led the pioneering efforts to introduce open systems and client server computing to the country. Prior to joining Hemas, he served as the Chief Executive of Millennium ESP, the Enterprise and Service Provider business of Millennium Information Technologies. He is also a member of the Cisco Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) Channel Advisory Board and the APJ Advisory Board of Palo Alto Networks.   Fazal-Ashfaq Keynote Speaker Fazal Ashfaq Country Lead - Bangladesh & Sri Lanka Google       Fazal is the Country Lead for Bangladesh & Sri Lanka for Google's South Asia Emerging Markets at Google. Fazal focuses on partnering with major advertisers & agencies in South Asia to develop digital solutions that build their businesses and brands. He's led several of Google's key initiatives in the region including the Avurudu MegaPola '16 in Sri Lanka and Google Bus in Bangladesh.   Romesh-Ranawana Keynote Speaker Romesh Ranawana MD SimCentric       Romesh co-founded SimCentric Technologies, a world leader is Simulation based training software. SimCentric’s simulation products are presently used by 18 militaries and over 50 industrial customers around the world. Romesh is a Clarendon Scholar with a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Oxford and a holds a 1st Class Degree in Computer Science from the University of Peradeniya. Romesh is presently the Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer of Simcentric Technologies. He continues to lead deign and development of SimCentric’s product line.   Brian-Kealey Panelist Brian Kealey Managing Director - Sri Lanka and the Maldives Microsoft       Brian is a senior leader with over 17-years in diverse technology experience. Brian’s innate curiosity and his passion for building sustainable, high performance organisations has seen his career span a diverse set of assignments in both the public and private sectors. Brian is currently the Managing Director of Microsoft’s Sri Lanka and Maldives subsidiary with responsibility for all Microsoft’s operations and engagements across the region. In his time at Microsoft, Brian has been a passionate advocate of the start-up and SME sector, establishing multiple programs to grow this key sector and entrepreneurial capabilities across organisations of all types. In addition, Brian is a long term member of the organisational culture team and has been a key leader implementing Microsoft’s transition to Activity Based Working and championing the mobile enterprise and flexible work styles.     Kris-Canekeratne Panelist Kris Canekeratne Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Virtusa       Kris Canekeratne is the co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Virtusa Corp (NASDAQ: VRTU), a rapidly growing global provider of business consulting and information technology services. In the past two years alone, the company has experienced double-digit revenue and profit growth, working with some of the world’s most influential brands such as AIG, J.P Morgan Chase and British Telecom. Recently, Virtusa made a strategic decision to further strengthen its position in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance by acquiring a majority interest in Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. Kris co-founded Virtusa 20 years ago to address what he thought was a significant opportunity: applying the intellectual power of global teams and the efficiencies of software platforms to accelerate software development innovation. Today, Virtusa employs 20,000 team members worldwide and has enjoyed a CAGR of over 23% during the past 10-years. Kris is an accomplished entrepreneur and a transformational leader. Having been part of the global services and outsourcing market for nearly twenty years, Kris brings a unique global perspective to clients, colleagues and partners. Recognizing his unique talents and the critical leadership thinking he brings to the table, Kris was recently showcased as one of the featured CEOs in award-winning author John Mattone’s latest book - Cultural Transformations: Lessons of Leadership and Corporate Reinvention. In addition to Virtusa, Kris also co-founded eDocs, Inc, a leading provider of electronic bill presentment and payment technology. eDocs was backed by some of the leading venture firms in the Boston area, enjoyed pole-position in the bill presentment and customer self-service market, and was eventually acquired by Oracle in 2004. Kris graduated from Syracuse University in 1988, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Soon after graduating, he moved to New York City and held senior executive positions in the technology industry before relocating to the Boston Area in 1994 and starting Virtusa and eDocs. Outside of his work achievements, Kris is a devoted father and husband and an accomplished athlete. Born in Colombo, Kris attended St. Thomas’ Prep School and The Colombo International School, where he served as the first President of the Student Union. He was also the number one ranked under-16 table tennis player in Sri Lanka and the under-15 amateur golf champion in Sri Lanka. Today Kris lives in Southborough, Massachusetts, with his wife Tushara and their two sons. In November 2005, Kris was awarded the Sri Lanka Sikhamani Honor, one of the most prestigious national honors the Sri Lankan government bestows upon individuals making a significant contribution to the nation. The esteemed Sri Lanka Sikhamani Honor is only permitted to be held by 200 living individuals at a time. Other notable personal accomplishments include: Worcester Business Journal’s Business leader of the Year (large business category), 2013
  • The Most Outstanding CEO award in the IT/BPO industry, presented by Information and Communication Technology Association of Sri Lanka (ICTA), 2007
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® finalist for New England, 2006
Under Kris’ stellar leadership, Virtusa Corporation has been recognized numerously for its outstanding corporate achievements and industry leading growth, including:
  • IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 Leaders Category Listing (2014-15)
  • Niche Player in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Services Providers to CSPs (2015)
  • FinTech 100 leader in Global Financial Technology Services (2011-15)
  • Forbes List of 100 Best Public Companies in America with revenues less than $1 Billion, 2013-15
  • Stevie American Business Awards for HR (2012-15)
  • Stevie International Business Awards for HR (2012-15), Investor Relations (2014-15), Marketing Communications (2015), Technology (2015)
  • Britain’s Top Employer Award (2011-15)
  • Asia’s Best Employer Brand (2013)
  • Golden Peacock Award for HR Innovation (2013)
  • TiE Boston IPO Award in recognition of the company’s successful IPO, 2007
Session 02 - How smarter businesses re-imagine customer experience to increase the reach and relevancy
irfan Session Chair Irfan Ahmed Director Consumer Insight and Innovation MAS Bodyline       Irfan has 15 years experience in emerging markets and digital trends. He is Director – Insights and Innovation MAS Bodyline Pvt Ltd. Prior to this he was Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Commerce Lanka as well as Head of arketing Dialog Axiata PLC., Sri Lanka’s largest mobile service operator. Irfan worked in advertising as Head of Account Management and Brand Strategy at JWT until June 2011. He developed strategy and handled operations for over 100 brands from large MNC’s such as Unilever and Nestle to local and Asian conglomerates’ such as AA Paper Thailand. He was part of the JWT Digital Acceleration Program for South Asia from 2008 – 2011. He specializes in consumer and market insight, brand development, marketing strategy and digital marketing. Irfan is the co Co Founder of Thunkk Technologies, a social innovation lab with competencies in IOT (Internet of Things)   Zoe-Lawrence Keynote Speaker Zoe Lawrence APAC Director - Digital TNS       Zoë has been with TNS since 2010, and has held a number of different roles, initially in global marketing and since 2014 in the APAC region. Throughout her time with TNS, she has been involved in shaping TNS’s thought leadership around the connected consumer. Prior to TNS, Zoe established a strong background leading international PR and marketing programmes on a global and regional level to help brands achieve impact with their key target audiences and ultimately, drive sales. She spent eight years with WPP PR consultancy, Hill + Knowlton Strategies and worked internationally with a range of clients from the technology and media sectors. Earlier in her career she worked for the advertising agencies, Publicis and D’Arcy. In a former life, Zoë trained and worked as an actress – she remains passionate about telling compelling stories that have an impact with their target audience   Tony-Weerasinghe Keynote Speaker (Video Presentation) Tony Weerasinghe Founder Ustocktrade & MillenniumIT       Having over 25 years of experience in the IT and Financial Services industries Tony has now brought "Wall Street to Main Street" via a revolutionary trading network- Ustocktrade—aimed at emerging "micro-investors." ( Another first is, Ustocktrade was purposefully founded to financially support the Cainan Foundation, a unique philanthropic venture which seeks to provide a world class education to the world’s most underserved children. The Cainan Foundation is a registered (c)(3) organization in the United States. ( Tony’s vision and leadership saw MillenniumIT becoming a technology pioneer building some of the world's most sophisticated trading systems. With the acquisition of MillenniumIT by the London Stock Exchange Group in 2009, Tony was appointed as Director of Global Development in addition to holding the position of Chairman of MillenniumIT. At 26, Tony was the youngest country manager for Oracle.   Bhavik-Rathod Keynote Speaker Bhavik Rathod GM Uber South & West       Bhavik is responsible for growing Uber in the cities in South & West India, working on initiatives to scale supply and generate demand along with an amazing team of Operations and Marketing Managers. He's been with Uber for over 2 years since the start of Uber India in Bangalore. Prior to Uber, Bhavik founded a startup called EmployeeSocial, which was web based solution to run social recognitions and manage employee rewards. Prior to that, he was working at Ernst & Young as a Manager in the Performance Improvement practice and was responsible for founding the practice in India and scaling the team. Tripti, Bhavik's wife for 5 years, is an Integrated Marketing Practice Lead for a US based firm called Comet Global Solutions. They have an adorable Shih Tzu and are soon expecting another addition to their family. Together, they are avid travellers and love exploring new places around the globe. In his free time, he usually likes to unwind watching movies.   Makshoodh-Meerasaibu Panelist Makshoodh Meerasaibu Marketing Director: Home Care, Foods/Refreshment & Pureit, Unilever Sri Lanka Unilever       Makshoodh Meerasaibu is the Marketing Director for Home Care, Foods and Water at Unilever Sri Lanka. He is a marketer with over 19 years of experience across the consumer goods (FMCG), consumer durables, and advertising & leisure industries. Beginning his career at Unilever 11 years ago as a Brand Manager, Makshoodh has since then held senior management positions across marketing, retail sales, and customer marketing, including a regional marketing operations role in the South Asia region. Makshoodh joined the Unilever Sri Lanka Management Committee in 2015.   Jeggan-Rajendram Panelist Jeggan Rajendram Country Consultant Sri Lanka Google       Jeggan is part of the South Asia Frontier team at Google that works on growing Google's business in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He focuses on partnering with major advertisers & agencies in these markets to develop digital solutions that build their businesses and brands. He has also spearheaded Google projects like the Avurudu MegaPola, which took place recently. Before joining Google, he was a co-founder of, which became and was then acquired by Dialog Axiata. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.   Tharaka_Ranwala Panelist Tharaka Ranwala Senior Deputy General Manager – Consumer Banking Sampath Bank PLC       Tharaka is a Senior Deputy General Manager – Consumer Banking of Sampath Bank PLC responsible for overseeing the entire retail banking area of the bank which includes of Branch Banking, Deposit Management, Electronic Banking, Credit Cards, Delivery Channels and Marketing & Business Development. Tharaka is also the Overall Pillar Head for the CSR activities of the Bank. He has over 16 yrs experience in the Banking Industry in roles of increasing responsibility in Marketing & Retail Banking. During this period he had stints in Brand Management, Corporate Communications, Market Development, CSR, Consumer and International Marketing. He has served both as a Judge and Chief Moderator at the Sri Lanka’s premier advertising awards, “The Chillies”. He has also been a Judge at the “Effie’s” in 2011/2012 & 2013 and was the Jury Chair in 2016 and Brand Excellence Awards in 2010. Tharaka is a Fellow of CIM (UK) and a member of SLIM. He possess a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (CIM – UK) and is a Chartered Marketer. He is also a Certified Professional Marketer (CPM) of the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation. He has won numerous awards both locally and internationally which includes the "Brand Leadership Award in 2006" and the `Marketing Professional of the year in 2014’ at the CMO ASIA Global Brand Excellence Awards. Tharaka is the Vice President of the International Advertising Association (IAA) Sri Lanka and also a Board Member of the CSR Sri Lanka (Guarantee) Limited, which is the apex body for promoting CSR initiatives in Sri Lanka. He is also Director of Siyapatha Finance Ltd., a subsidiary of Sampath Bank PLC.
Session 03 - Delivering Customer Value Through Disruptive Business Models Enabled by Smart Technologies
rohan Session Chair Rohan Jayaweera COO Antyra Solutions Fmr Country Consultant/Google     Rohan was the first employee of Google for Sri Lanka and during his time he helped brands, organizations and the Sri Lankan government to develop its digital practices. He managed all engagements to and from Google for Sri Lanka during his tenure, which included digital practice, policy framework, publisher, video & telco partnerships, community and entrepreneurship development. Rohan has a deep understanding of channel/partner synergies and eco-system development having worked for some of the leading technology brands in the world. Rohan is passionate about entrepreneurship. He is a key note speaker, presenter, and moderator for numerous events & was invited to speak at the inaugural TEDx in SL on entrepreneurship.   Dilan-Gooneratne Keynote Speaker Dilan Gooneratne Managing Director Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd       Dilan Gooneratne earned his Masters from the Edith Cowan University and has completed his executive education at Stanford University, IMD (Switzerland) and INSEAD Business School. Coming from an academic and professional background in Marketing and Strategic Management, he has gained exposure and provided leadership in diverse industries that span from Real Estate Development, Marketing Communications, and Retailing prior to joining MAS Holdings. Some of Dilan's life changing experiences have come from the time he served in the Sri Lanka Air Force.   Shanil-Fernando Keynote Speaker Shanil Fernando Managing Director Sri Lanka and SVP Engineering Cake Labs       Shanil has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Warwick. Shanil was a founding member of Virtusa where he built a global delivery organization starting with just eight developers, growing it to over 4,000 and ultimately taking the company public on Nasdaq.   Imal-Kalutotage Keynote Speaker Imal Kalutotage Founder nCinga Pte Ltd       As an entrepreneur with an avid interest towards new technology innovations, nCinga was incorporated to drive the 4th industrial revolution by unlocking the power of data. nCinga’s innovative approach as startup in the Industrial IoT and Analytics space have set them high to conquer awards at the global stage during their short stint in business. Imal command more than 15 years of experience in Communication Industry in Networking, IoT and Analytics in Asia Pacific and the Middle East Regions while working for global Industry Giants like, IBM, Cisco and HP. Imal’s understanding of cultural, political and technology landscape coupled with working experience in various roles from Engineering, Consulting, Business Development and Management in different geographies helps me bring a unique perspective in Industry forums in the region As a recipient of several individual awards for exceptional achievement also possess excellent techno-commercial, business and leadership skills has facilitated success within varied cultures and geographies in the industry. Qualified with a MBA from University of Colombo and a BSc Eng in Telecommunications from University of Moratuwa. As technologist Imal enjoy his time travelling around the world to help customers solve their business issues using technology. A family man and a farther of 2 girls, Imal enjoy his precious time with them and also a good game of Cricket or Soccer during the weekends.   Piriyatheepan Nadarajah Speaker Piriyatheepan Nadarajah Tech Eentrepreneur         Piriyatheepan Nadarajah is the founder of VASValley, a company dedicated to building innovative software solutions that are disruptive. He is an Engineer, having graduated from the University of Moratuwa with a B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science and Engineering. Previously, he was the Chief Architect of WaveNET, a global telco solutions company, where he designed and delivered multiple carrier-grade telco platforms. He later joined Virtusa, a global IT services company, where he was the Chief and Founding Architect of Virtusa’s own mobility enablement program, and spearheaded the digital transformation.   Jerome-Perera Panelist Jerome Perera Senior Consultant - Data Science and Strategy MillenniumIT       Jerome is a Senior Consultant at Millennium IT, specializing in Business Analytics, Data Sciences and Data Driven Strategy Consulting. He has over 8 years of experience working in the fields of strategy consulting and business analytics, in leading markets, spanning the fields of Retail, FMCG, Logistics, Healthcare and Finance. Prior to Joining MillenniumIT he was employed at Stax, a US based global strategy consulting firm, where he was involved in the capacity of a strategy consultant and the manager of the Data Science and Analytics team. He has in total over 12 years of industry experience in IT related services, including consulting, data science and analytics, software development and project management.
  • Jerome holds a Masters in Management Science (first class) and a BSc in Management Information Systems, from the University College of Dublin, Ireland.
  • He was also a presenter at the National Information Technology Conference (NITC) 2014, on Business Intelligence Applications.
  • His thesis on Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms for data mining, classification and pattern recognition was published in the Neural Networks, 2006. IJCNN '06. International Joint Conference.
Session 04 - Is there a road map to build smarter business models through integration of digital and physical: Why, what and how?
Kumudu-Gunasekera Session Chair Kumudu Gunasekera PhD Transport Economist Director Stax Inc       Kumudu Gunasekera, Ph.D., is a Director in the Singapore office where he works with our global teams to deliver actionable insights to clients worldwide. Prior to joining Stax, Kumudu was a Principal with Parsons Brinckerhoff (Washington D.C.), the professional services arm of Balfour Beatty, a global infrastructure group that delivers services essential to the development, creation and care of infrastructure assets; from finance and development, through design and project management to construction and maintenance. At Parsons Brinckerhoff, Kumudu successfully led global, multi-disciplinary consulting teams on large (> $ 1 million) and small (< $ 1 million) strategic consulting assignments in Burkina Faso, Canada, Curacao, England, Mali, Nigeria, Panama, Scotland, Qatar, Sri Lanka, and the United States. He was the project director and chief model architect of PRISMTM proprietary (U.S patent pending) transportation software. Kumudu was the founding editor (2006-2013) of the Economic Forecasting Review and a monthly columnist (2007-2013) of Roads & Bridges. Additionally, he has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and industry magazines; has presented at conferences, workshops, focus groups, and stakeholder meetings in Canada, Pakistan, Panama, Scotland, Sri Lanka, and the United States; and has instructed numerous undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses. Kumudu earned his Ph.D. in Economic Geography, and a joint M.A. in International Relations and Environmental Policy from Boston University. He has a B.A. in Economics from Hobart and William Smith Colleges.   Asanka-Abeysinghe Keynote Speaker Asanka Abeysinghe Vice President - Solutions Architecture WSO2       Asanka is Vice President of Solutions Architecture at WSO2. In his role, he spearheads the company’s customer facing technical tasks and oversees the solution architecture and technical sales functions. He also provides consulting to key WSO2 customer and conducts workshops specifically targeted at enterprise architects and technical managers. Asanka has over 15 years of industry experience, which include implementing projects ranging from desktop and web applications through to highly scalable distributed systems and SOAs in the financial domain, mobile platforms, and business integration solutions. His areas of specialization include application architecture, development using Java technologies, C/C++ on Linux and Windows platforms. He is a committer of the Apache Software Foundation and has a BSc in MIS from National University of Ireland.   Chandima-Cooray Keynote Speaker Chandima Cooray Chief Process Officer Hemas Holdings       As the Chief Process Officer at Hemas Holdings PLC., Chandima leads Information Technology, Shared Services & Process improvement teams transforming businesses to embrace more profitable and growth oriented business models. Chandima has accumulated 18 years of experience in applying Information Technology across multiple industries improving business performance. Prior to joining Hemas, Chandima was with MAS Holdings, Sri Lanka for Fourteen years, lastly as the CEO for Sabre Technologies a fully owned subsidiary of MAS. Chandima started his career at Unilever as a management trainee and later was involved in a global project for Unilever tea business. Chandima has a degree in Information Systems from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and has followed strategic management courses from renowned business schools Ashridge, Henley, INSEAD and Kellogg’s.   Conrad-Dias Keynote Speaker Conrad Dias CIO LOLC Group       Conrad Dias is CIO of the LOLC Group and MD/CEO of Lanka Orix Information Technology Services Limited. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Leicester and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a Chartered Global Management Accountant and a Member of British Computer Society. He has over two decades of experience, with ten years of service in the banking and finance industry and five years in the insurance sector.   Dilan-Gooneratne Panelist Dilan Gooneratne Managing Director Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd       Dilan Gooneratne earned his Masters from the Edith Cowan University and has completed his executive education at Stanford University, IMD (Switzerland) and INSEAD Business School. Coming from an academic and professional background in Marketing and Strategic Management, he has gained exposure and provided leadership in diverse industries that span from Real Estate Development, Marketing Communications, and Retailing prior to joining MAS Holdings. Some of Dilan's life changing experiences have come from the time he served in the Sri Lanka Air Force.   Sheyantha-Abeykoon Panelist Sheyantha Abeykoon Chief Executive Officer       Sheyantha Abeykoon has over 16 years of experience in various sectors spanning, financial services, startups, retail and digital services, the last eight years of which were in senior management positions. Prior to taking up his current role he was Senior General Manager -Digital Services at Dialog Axiata PLC and Chief Operating Officer at CT Smith Holdings. He Holds an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, is a CFA Charter holder, a Chartered Management Accountant and has a BSc (Hon) in Information Systems from the University of London. He is the immediate past president of CFA Sri Lanka.  
Session 05 - Thought Leaders Round table: How to lead organizational change to build smarter businesses by overcoming three inertia – Change, Innovation & Strategy Execution
Shyam-Sathasivam Session Chair Shyam Sathasivam Director Sunshine Holdings PLC       Shyam joined Sunshine Holdings PLC, a listed diversified conglomerate, as Board Director in 2005, primarily focused on the healthcare business and new growth opportunities for the group. He is currently the Managing Director of Sunshine Healthcare Lanka, the healthcare subsidiary of the group, which partners with over 40 leading international healthcare companies to market their products in Sri Lanka. Healthguard Pharmacy, the retail arm of the company, is one of the leading specialty retail chains focused on pharma, wellness & beauty. Shyam graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science, UK and started his career as a Corporate Finance Associate at Arthur Andersen, London. He holds a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago. Shyam is a member of the Young Leaders steering committee and the Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals steering committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. He is a Board Director of Watawala Tea Ceylon and a member of the Young Presidents Organization.   Farhan-Syed Keynote Speaker Farhan Syed Partner KPMG       Farhan is a Partner with KPMG Lower Gulf and leads the Digital Transformation practice. He is a thought leader in Digital Transformation and has written multiple industry perspectives and has been a keynote speaker at a number of events and most recently sUAE India Economic Forum on Digital Transformation; Bloomberg - Chief Digital Officer, Middle East Banking Innovation Summit etc. He has particular skills in helping clients understand the implications of digital forces such as Mobile, Data, Social, Internet of Things, Cognitive Computing and Cloud to determine the opportunities and threats they represent and undertake the required Experiential Design Led Transformation to deliver value. He brings a wealth of experience and has delivered numerous projects in UAE, Saudi, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Sweden and India, working with Senior Executives from Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, Hospitality, Aviation, Mining and the Public Sector. Prior to joining KPMG, Farhan has held leadership positions with IBM Global Business Services where he led their Digital Consulting Practice for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa for the Banking Industry and the Business and Customer Strategy Consulting Practice for Australia and New Zealand. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Australian Graduate School of Management, Australia and a Bachelors in Commerce from University of Pune, India   Channa-de-SilvaPanelist Channa de Silva CEO Lanka Clear       Mr. Channa de Silva currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of LankaClear, which operates the LankaPay national payment network of Sri Lanka. He was orchestral in introducing IBM’s software universe to Sri Lanka and developing IBM’s software business during his tenure as the DGM – Software Group for IBM Sri Lanka. Mr. de Silva also served as the Director - Enterprise Business and Public Sector at Microsoft Sri Lanka where he led the company through an unprecedented growth. His outstanding achievements were acknowledged numerous times by Microsoft where he was singled out for Microsoft Gold Club Excellence Award in 2011 for exceptional performance; the Microsoft Share Fighter Champion in 2012 for winning against competition. He also went down in history as a member of the pioneering Internet Service Provider by becoming Sri Lanka’s first ever webmaster with the development of Sri Lanka’s first commercial web site (1994) and was also the engineer responsible for the establishment of the first ever dedicated Internet connection in Sri Lanka way back in 1995. Some of the major projects implemented under his leadership include the first online newspaper in the South Asia region (Daily News in 1995); first radio station on-line (TNL Radio in 1996); first ever Wi-Fi network in the country etc. He was also a member of the local language workgroup of Sri Lanka and contributed immensely towards enabling people to use technology in local languages. He also played a pivotal role in ensuring that a Language Interface Pack was built in Sinhala and Tamil for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office in 2007. An Old boy of Royal Collage Colombo, Mr. de Silva obtained his BSc. (Honours) and MSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the State University of New York, USA specialized in Data Communication and MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) where he currently functions as a visiting lecturer. Mr. de Silva also holds distinguished membership at Tau Beta Pai (USA), Eta Kappa Nu (USA) and Golden Key (USA) honour societies for academic excellence.   Sanjiva-Senanayake Panelist Sanjiva Senanayake Senior Director Sampath Bank PLC       Mr. Senanayake joined IFC in 1998 and held the position of Resident Representative to Sri Lanka and Maldives until 2006. In 2006, he was appointed as the Head of Financial Markets Investments - West Africa and held this position until his retirement in April 2009. Prior to his joining IFC he served as Consultant -Treasury and Business Development at Commercial Bank of Ceylon and as the Assistant General Manager - Treasury and Investment Banking at National Development Bank of Sri Lanka. Prior to that he held several key positions in the Citibank group in Sri Lanka and overseas. Mr. Senanayake holds an M.Sc. in Communication Engineering from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, UK and a B.Sc. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from King’s College, University of London, UK.   Sriyan-de-Silva-Wijeyeratne Panelist Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne MD/CEO Textured Jersey       Textured Jersey Lanka PLC, in a statement released to the CSE, has announced the appointment of Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne as Managing Director/CEO of the company with effect from 1st November 2013. Mr. Wijeyeratne's experience spans over a period of twenty years in IT, Telecommunication, Consumer Marketing and Retail Sales. His appointment strengthens the senior management team at Textured Jersey and gears the company for the next phase of growth. Prior to joining Textured Jersey, Mr. Wijeyeratne served as the Country Manager of Microsoft for Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and has held the position of Director Marketing and Sales at Suntel Limited. He possesses a Master's Degree in Management from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, as well as a First Class (Special) Degree in Business Administration from the same University. Additionally, he is a Fellow Member (FCMA) of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK and has attended various Management courses at several Ivy League Universities. He possesses several Business and Academic accolades to his credit, and has also been a member of many Chambers, Advisory Groups, Boards and Charities. Mr. Wijeyeratne is a frequent speaker and panellist at forums in Sri Lanka and overseas. The announcement of Mr. Wijeyeratne's appointment at Textured Jersey comes in the wake of phenomenal results being released by the company for the period ended 30th September 2013.   Feroz-Cader Panelist Feroz Cader Senior VP Trading Systems MillenniumIT       Feroz is currently the head of the trading systems line of business at MillenniumIT responsible for the delivery of trading solutions made up of 3 key product lines; Millennium Exchange, SOR and Market Data. He leads a team of over 200 professionals in the disciplines of engineering, business analysis and project management, and has contributed to the reshaping of global capital market trading technology. He is a member of MillenniumIT’s executive committee and the London Stock Exchange Group Leadership Team. Feroz is an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, and is a qualified management accountant, with a professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK).     Arunesy-Peter Panelist Arunesh Peter Cheif of Projects ICTA       Over 20 years’ experience in Information Communication Technology. Started after school as a programmer of business systems development and implementation at DMS Software Technologies. A diversified career in ICT covering solution sales, systems integration, project management, ICT consultancy, sales and marketing consultancy. Worked with many of the leading ICT companies in Sri Lanka, and has been associated with diverse brands like WANG, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, IBM, JBA System 21, BPiCKS, Syteline ERP and SAP to name a few. Passion –People Transformation, Slogan “Transformed People = Transformed Nation” Current Responsibilities – Leader of the ICTA Project Management and Deployment teams.  

Presentations and Notes

Opening Keynote 1 – Brian Kealey For over 40 years, technology has been an increasing part of our daily lives and we have learnt to adapt to it. For the last 10 years, the focus and proliferation of devices has seen the average number of smart devices per person skyrocket. Today technology is increasingly part of our environment and the next phase of innovation will see technology start to disappear and become both ubiquitous and at the same time, invisible. Brian will take us on a journey to highlight where key investments are being made in this frontier and how they will impact the next wave of productivity and human performance. In this session you will learn how cloud, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and similar seismic shifts are changing industries to assist you to make strategic decisions for your organization. Opening Keynote 2 - Kris Canekeratne Digital pioneers such as Airbnb, Uber and Netfix have reset the bar of leveraging technology to change the way we live our lives. Kris is his keynote will make few observations on such digital pioneers and how they have built incredibly valuable companies. This presentation will compare upstarts to established enterprises to demonstrate that there is a significant opportunity for enterprises to reinvent themselves digitally or be left behind. Keynote 3 – Muhunthan Canagey (3.30 PM) Sri Lanka had a global rank of 116 out of 166 countries in the ICT Development Index (IDI), in 2013. The country has a global rank of 76 out of 148 countries in the Networked Readiness Index (NRI). Sri Lanka ranks at 74 out of 193 countries in the UN E-Government Development Index. Telecommunication and digital infrastructure has been identified as two of the key areas that would define the future of the nation. The ministry is in the process of setting up future plans regarding telecommunication and digital infrastructure of the country. This keynote will assess the opportunities for Sri Lanka to improve the digital readiness and the strategies that would be implemented in near to medium terms. Conrad Dias – Session 4 The presentation will focus on leveraging smart technologies especially Mobile, Cloud and Analytics in promoting financial inclusion among the bottom of the pyramid communities. Conrad will present cases of the Mobile, Cloud and Analytics, how it has helped and what business values created through these technologies in in Micro Finance business. He will also highlight some key challenges that were faced and facing in adopting these technologies and how such obstacles were overcome. Conrad will also share the salient features of the road map of digital strategy of LOLC. Asanka Abeysinghe – Session 4 Often the path to realizing your vision of a digital enterprise is filled with roadblocks. How do you meet your high customer expectations and stay ahead the competition? How do you provide the right “carrots and sticks” to manage the human aspects accompanying any meaningful transition? At this session, Asanka Abeysinghe, vice president of solutions architecture at WSO2 will help you establish a clear roadmap to achieving your goals in the face of complex existing corporate IT systems. Asanka uses real customer case studies and stories to map out some pragmatic paths towards a smooth and timely digital transformation. Chandima Cooray – Session 4 The presentation will talk about ‘who & how’ in capturing digital opportunities within an enterprise setting. The key points that will be covered under who is involved include; IT vs Digital & The need for bi-modal IT; Story from Hemas : Hemas Digital Innovators ; Role of the board. The doing part (What) will cover; bringing the start-up ethos to enterprise : using tools like Business Model canvass, concepts from lean start-up, design thinking, hackathons in enterprises, business incubation.  
Session Presenter Tittle Download
Opening Keynote 2 “Reinvent or be Outsmarted”  Kris Canekeratne / Virtusa  pdf-icon
Session 01 – Building smarter businesses by leveraging smart technologies: What can we learn from technology pioneers? Romesh Ranawana / SimCentric (10M) Simulations and Gamification  pdf-icon
Session 02 – How smarter businesses re-imagine customer experience to increase the reach and relevancy Zoe Lawrance / TNS (15M) Today’s connected consumer Sri Lanka  pdf-icon
Session 03 – “Delivering Customer Value Through Disruptive Business Models Enabled by Smart Technologies” Dilan Gooneratne / MAS (15M) Delivering Customer Value Through Disruptive Business Models Enabled by Smart Technologies  pdf-icon
Session 03 – “Delivering Customer Value Through Disruptive Business Models Enabled by Smart Technologies” Shanil Fernando / Cake Labs (15M) Leverage Smart Technologies to Build Business Models Integrated Around Customer Needs  pdf-icon
Session 03 – “Delivering Customer Value Through Disruptive Business Models Enabled by Smart Technologies” Imal Kalutota / nCinga (10M) In a Mission of Driving 4thIndustrial Revolution by Unlocking the Power of Data  pdf-icon
Session 04 – Strategy, Business Case and Roadmap: the transformative triad to build smarter businesses by leveraging smart technologies Chandima Cooray / Hemas Holdings (15M) digitalThe Promise,People,& Tools  pdf-icon
Session 04 – Strategy, Business Case and Roadmap: the transformative triad to build smarter businesses by leveraging smart technologies Conrad Dias / LOLC (15M) Smart Technologies in Financial Services for the Customers at the bottom of the pyramid  pdf-icon
Keynote Address “Sri Lanka: Ready ?” Arunesh Peter / ICTA Sri Lanka : Ready ? Towards A Creative Knowledge Based Economy  pdf-icon
Session 05 – Thought Leaders Round table: How to lead organizational change to build smarter businesses by overcoming three inertia – Change, Innovation & Strategy Execution Farhan Syed / KPMG (20M) Leading organizational change to build smarter businesses  pdf-icon