Low interest working capital loan scheme for SMEs under ADB credit line

Small and medium enterprises can avail of working capital loans from banks through a loan scheme facilitated under an existing ADB credit line, the Finance Ministry said.

Sectors expected to provide loans: Agricultural, tourism, and export-oriented sectors

Main conditions of the loan scheme: Maximum loan amount is Rs. 10 million. The loan amount can be paid in a maximum of three (03) years with a maximum grace period of six (06) months.

Interest Rate: 11% - 12%

Accordingly, Rs. 4,900 million have been distributed among the following eight banks for this working capital loan scheme, the Finance Ministry added.

  1. Bank of Ceylon
  2. Regional Development Bank
  3. Hatton National Bank
  4. Commercial Bank
  5. Seylan Bank
  6. National Development Bank
  7. Nations Trust Bank
  8. Sampath Bank
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