Movie piracy costs Hollywood 75 pct more than feared

LOS ANGELES, May 4 (AFP) – Movie piracy costs Hollywood’s big studios about 6.1 billion dollars last year, far more than the 3.5 billion dollars the industry had previously conceded, a stunning report revealed Wednesday. A study ordered by the US film industry’s lobbying group, the influential Motion Picture Association of America, revealed that pirates were costing Tinseltown’s major studios about 75 percent more than they had thought.

Around 2.4 billion of the 6.1 billion dollar losses resulted from bootlegging, 1.4 billion was due to illegal copying and 2.3 billion dollars was lost to Internet piracy, said the study, parts of which were released by the MPAA.

The losses included decreased cinema ticket sales and falling DVD sales that have been one of the struggling industry’s major money-spinners in recent years.

Previous piracy studies conducted by the US movie industry had focused solely on what the MPAA terms “hard-goods” piracy and not on Internet piracy.

“This study will help us better analyze and focus our efforts to fight movie theft,” said MPAA chief executive Dan Glickman.

“We are calling on governments internationally to continue to work with us in limiting the impact of piracy on local e