Natural Harbour

August 18, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s eastern port of Trincomalee is to be developed as an eco-port with the emphasis on exploiting its value as a marine habitat, an official said. Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) chairman Saliya Wickramasuriya said Trincomalee will not be developed for industrial activity or to handle containers.

This is because planned developments in Colombo port and the proposed port in Hambantota will generate enough capacity for years to come.

“We are building enough capacity for several generations between Colombo and Hambantota,” Wickramasuriya told LBO in an interview.

“It’s therefore logical for Trincomalee harbour to be exploited for reasons unique to Trinco. By that we mean developing Trincomalee as an eco-port.

“It has a unique marine habitat and has the potential to attract the highest bracket of global eco-tourists because it’s a breeding ground for a variety of different species of mammals with a deep harbour.”

Wickramasuriya said the harbour’s eco-system is unique but fragile and has potential to generate revenue.

“As such we would like to protect and preserve the bay environment as much as possible and leave room fo

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