Report Card

Effective steps to create a tax compliance culture, focus revenue generation measures where there is a capacity to pay and to target relief measures where they would have the greatest impact, are among a comprehensive set of recommendations by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for the forthcoming national budget.
The countrys premier national accountancy body has provided the government with a detailed proposal for recognition of compliant individual taxpayers. rn

rnThe proposal envisages issuing taxpayers who have filed their tax returns and paid their taxes on time with Green cards that would entitle them to be treated as premier customers of the Department of Inland Revenue.rn

rnAdditionally, the ICASL suggests that compliant taxpayers be issued with Gold, Silver and Bronze cards, based on the quantum of tax paid annually. rn

rnThese cards would entitle their holders to privileged treatment and recognition at public institutions such as government departments, statutory bodies and the air