Sri Lanka IMF loan under review after war: US

May 22, 2009 (LBO) – An International Monetary Fund loan to Sri Lanka is under review and the international community needs to make an assessment of the post-conflict situation in the island, US state department spokesman Ian Kelly has said.

Kelly said Clinton had spoken to UN chief Ban Ki-Moon about his trip to Sri Lanka “offered full U.S. cooperation to the UN.”

US secretary of state Hilary Clinton said on May 14, that it was not an “appropriate” time to consider a 1.9 billion US dollar IMF bailout for Sri Lanka.

This week Sri Lanka said the conflict was at an end and all civilians used in a human shield by Tamil Tiger separatists rescued.

“I think that’s something that we’re reviewing right now,” Kelly told reporters in Washington.

“As I said before, we remain concerned about lack of access to the former conflict zone and lack of access for humanitarian aid.”

The US says the end of the conflict presented new opportunity for reconciliation and build a “democratic, tolerant” Sri Lanka and the international community needs to make an assessment.

“[T]his is just a couple days after the end of this quarter-century-long conflict,” Kelly said.

“We still need to make an assessment. We need to – when

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