Sri Lanka’s April inflation swings up

Apr. 28 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s inflation rate for April rose over consumer demands for bananas, fresh fish, milk foods and vegetables during the traditional New Year season, the Census & Statistics Dept. said Friday. On a point-to-point basis inflation for April rose to 9.2 percent over 6.4 percent reported in March, as the government revised prices for kerosene oil and bus fares during the month.

However, on an annualised basis, inflation dipped to 9.2 percent to April from 9.6 percent in March, the statement said.

The twelve month moving average is usually taken as the official inflation figure by the government.

Seasonal demand pushed up prices of bread, wheat flour, sugar, milk tea, dried chillies, garlic, red onions, sour plantains, beef, fresh fish, eggs, potatoes, most varieties of vegetables, the Dept. said.

However, prices fell in rice, tamarind and few varieties of fresh fish like balaya. As a result the Colombo Consumer Price Index or CCPI gained to 4321.6 in April over 4,209.9 in March.

-LBO Newsdesk