Web development trends that will dominate in 2021.

As consumer demands change with the times, the digital pathways we embark on also evolve to accommodate these shifting needs. Web development has been at the forefront of establishing powerful digital presences that make many experiences possible at one’s fingertips. From shopping to research, much is possible. Therefore, it makes sense to understand the technologies powering the web, and the tools developers use to make it all happen.

In other words, here are some web development trends that are bound to gain momentum this year, owing to heightened popularity, streamlined systems, or a combination of both. 


Trends may come and go, but there’s one trend that is bound to be a constant in the world of web development – and that is the use of JavaScript. Well established in the web development arena, its extensive libraries, frameworks and developer communities are a go-to source for building the most impressive web applications the world has today.

Add to this its aptitude to work harmoniously with HTML and CSS (which are equally important for functional web applications) and you have a programming language that is bound to remain an everlasting trend.


Based on JavaScript, TypeScript is an up and coming framework that allows for cleaner, error-free code. Focusing on static type definitions for objects, TypeScript enables validation checks that are more accurate, as opposed to using JavaScript alone. With many projects both enterprise and open-source jumping into the TypeScript bandwagon, this framework is a promising one for web development in 2021.


Although not high in terms of demand as that of React and Angular, Svelte is still a highly valuable point of interest in the web development space of 2021. This is because Svelte compiles codes during build time, resulting in apps that load much faster and offer increased performance. With a stable release being made only in early January of 2021, Svelte may have a long way to go – but it has already made a solid start.


An all new server-side scripting tool which also supports TypeScript, Deno offers an environment that forgoes the many security vulnerabilities otherwise found in Node.js. Making the best of some latest JavaScript features, Deno also offers enhanced debugging tools for maintaining high performance and functionality.

In conclusion…

As web development trends change with shifting consumer demands, the technologies powering the same include a combination of long-standing tools, as well as new contenders. As developers enhance their skills to build stronger code that facilitates optimal performance, it’s important to stay abreast of changing economic climates as well. While programming languages such as JavaScript are evergreen in the world of web development, others such as TypeScript are also gaining popularity for a variety of good reasons.

This also applies to frameworks and server-side scripting, as Svelte and Deno respectively are gradually increasing in popularity among the developers who have begun to rely on these newfound services.

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