Cross Connection

Cellular operators have been asking for a Rs. 2.00 tariff increase to offset network expansions and rupee depreciation costs.

rnrnThe operators wrote to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commissions (TRC) last November, seeking a tariff revision, but the then Director General of Telecommunications, R D Somasiri failed to respond to their requests.

rnrnIn April the situation came to a stand off point when the three operators endash Dialog, Mobitel and Celltel endash threatened to raise tariffs without regulatory approval.

rnrnThe regulator in turn threatened legal action if the tariff hike went through. The operators
quote backed off, but have since been working hard to persuade the new regulator for a tariff increase.

rnrnThe new TRC Director General Themiya Hurulle declined to say how much the commission has offered as a compromise.

rnrnldblquote Our counter offer is a bit lower than what the operators asked. But we think it is sufficient for them [operators] to survive,
dblquote Hurulle told L