Hambantota Crossroads

Canadian consultants studying the Hambantota Port project have come up with a US$ 1,700 mn three-phased development plan as being feasible.
Southern Development Minister Ananda Kularatne said the cost also includes US$ 240 mn for a breakwater and dredging.rn

rnMinister Kularatne says government steering committee is now examining the report prepared by the Canadian firm SNC Lavalin, to find ways of proceeding with it.rn

rnThe proposed ports needs US$ 168 mn breakwater as well as dredging, before any berths or container terminals could be built by private operators.rn

rnMinister Kularatne says the steering committee will also look at ways of funding the breakwater.rn

rnThe first phase is estimated to cost US$ 640 mn, the second US$ 404 mn and the third 429 mn.rn

rnThe bulk of this would come from the private sector port services operators, who would be given concessions to actually build facilities, such as berths and terminals.rn

rnThe port could start as a service port, but all three stage

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