Maximum retail price for rice comes into force


Feb 09, 2017 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Consumer Affairs Authority has issued maximum retail prices for three varieties of rice while the minister in charge issued a stern warning to errant sellers across the country.

The order is effective from Wednesday and is issued by CAA Chairman Hasitha Thilekeratne under Consumer Affairs Authority Act No 9 of 2003’s section 20(5).

Accordingly, maximum retail price of a kilo of Nadu rice is 72 rupees, a kilo of Raw Rice is 70 rupees and a kilo of Samba (excluding Keeri Samba and Suduru Samba) is 80 rupees.

The new rice prices will be effective on both local and imported rice varieties.

Consumers are invited to alert and complain to Consumer Affairs Authority about errant traders on hotline 1977 or even direct line 117755481-3.

Meanwhile, the gazette issued by Finance Minister reducing the special commodity levy of 15 rupees on imported rice to 05 rupees with effect from 28 January 2017, has been approved by the Cabinet.

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