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Sri Lanka to review public sector cadre, redeploy excess

Feb 17, 2017 (LBO) – Sri Lanka will conduct a cadre review to determine the total cadre requirement of the public sector and provincial councils. The review is expected to forecast public sector staff needed for the year 2020 based on the optimum cadre identified for 2017. “In case excess employees are identified at any institution at the end of the cadre review, such employees are expected to be re-deployed among other institutions as required,” Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said in a note to cabinet. As per information for the year 2016, the staff at Primary Level (Karyala Karya Sahayaka, Driver) is higher in number compared to the number of senior and tertiary staff. Non executives comprise almost 94 percent in the public sector. “The classification of employees indicates that action has not been taken by each institute to ascertain service requirements in designing the organizing structure.” Over 1.4 million people are currently engaged in Sri Lanka’s bloated public sector, and the country has one public servant for every 15 citizens. The world average is to have one public servant for every 208 persons.
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Though the public employee ratio has increased, a dearth of public servants is seen in remote areas as employees have not been deployed properly. Specifically, there are shortages in the fields of education, health, technical and officers who represent all island services in the remote and rural areas. In contrast to this, it has been reported that in urban areas, staff are being employed in addition to approved staff levels at institutional level. “I observe that the employees like Development Officers recruited in large numbers based on policy decisions taken from time to time, have been attached to various work stations without a proper work assessment,” Karunanayake said. “Although a decrease of the cadre requirement was expected due to the introduction of new methods and procedures of modern technology, an increasing trend has been shown in requesting new cadre positions.”
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