Ten books to check out at Big Bad Wolf

Reading calls for exciting times, especially when you know that the World’s Biggest Book Sale is back to Colombo, Sri Lanka for the third consecutive year and it’s just around the corner. Change is inevitable and this means that new things are foreseeable. This ideal is synonymous with the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, which is set to commence from the 18h to 28th October, 2019 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC) in Colombo.

With a selection of over 1.5 million books set to hit the displays during the Sale period, it can only seem fitting to let you in on some of the best buys you can anticipate at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Whether you like gripping page-turners or literary novels that gives you something to discuss over the dinner table, there’s something for everyone. So, to gain a taste of what to consider as a possible new buy, check out the list of 10 recommended popular titles our Sri Lankan reading enthusiasts can expect to find at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale this year!

  1. Queen of the North by Anne O’Brien (Coming-of-Age Fiction and Medieval Romance)

Bookworms who enjoy reading about medieval English history and power politics, this book is bound to transport you to a historical era of time when the British Throne was part of a turbulent past. The story is set in 1399 and is centred on Elizabeth Mortimer, an English noblewoman and her quest to bring her eight- year old nephew Edmund to the throne amidst King Richard II’s hold on power.

  • The Things We Know Now by Catherine Dunne (Fiction)

A moving novel that explores how a couple navigate through a tragedy involving their teenage son unfolded while they were away on a sailing trip. Throughout this powerful novel Dunne shows a keen and compassionate eye for the complexities of family dynamics. A family whose lives changed forever when their son committed suicide. The novel takes you on a journey discovering the darkest aspects of their son’s life that they never knew.

  • The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations by Oprah Winfrey (Journal Box Set)

The Wisdom of Sundays features excerpts from the most meaningful conversations between Oprah and some of today’s most-admired thought-leaders. Super Soul Sunday is a television show hosted by Oprah Winfrey herself and the two-time Emmy Award-winning show highlights beautiful moments incorporated into ten chapters, each signifying a dominant step in Oprah’s own spiritual journey and presented with an intimate, personal essay by Oprah herself.

  • Wizarding World: Magical Film Projections: Creatures by J. K. Rowling (Toy Book)

The fun part about this book is that fans of J. K. Rowling and her books can project their favourite scenes from the Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (film) at home with just a torch. The book uses illustrated cut-out screens of characters such as Dobby or Buckbeak and readers can enact these parts and play along with this one-of-a-kind tour through extraordinary moments from these films.

  • How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury by Cressida Cowell (Fantasy Fiction)

This being the twelfth and final book from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ franchise, readers can experience the finale when they realize that the Doomsday of Yule brings with its improbability where the future of dragonkind lies in the hands of one boy with nothing to show but everything to fight for. The story revolves around Hiccup’s quest and his journey of trials to end the rebellion. Can he prove himself as a rightful king? Would he be able to save the dragons? The stakes have never been higher, as the very fate of the Viking world is uncertain!

  • Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero: Box Set by Rick Riordan (Fantasy Fiction)

The exciting quest of adventures featuring modern-day demigods and ancient monsters that were first introduced by Riordan in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series are far from over. This second Olympian is full of unforgettable characters, humorous dialogue, and non-stop action. Now, all five books in the Heroes of Olympus series are available in a paperback-box-set of heroic proportions. From The Lost Hero to The Blood of Olympus, this collection will thrill loyal fans and is surely a go-to gift for the upcoming festival season.

  • Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales (Novel)

This story is about a seventeen-year-old girl called Arden Huntley who is known to be ‘recklessly loyal’ to the extent of being taken for granted by her loved ones no matter how she continues to add purpose in her life. Along the way, she eventually reaches to a boiling point where she begins to resent everyone, especially her best friend who is too needy and her own mother who is mostly absent from her life. Gradually, she falls upon a website known as Tonight the Streets Are Ours, which happens to be a reflection of a young New Yorker named Peter who speaks to her through his work. Even though she hasn’t met him, his influence sets her on a road trip to find him, up until she faces situations that makes her question everything about Peter and even herself!

  • Augmented Reality Magical Books

Another fun addition to any child’s reading routine, is the innovative amalgamation of Augmented Reality (AR) technology into children’s books, allowing an interactive and exciting reading experience. The Augmented Reality (AR) Books or better known as the Magical Books for children are a new introduction to the Book Sale and popular titles such as the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Lets Learn Alphabet ABC’ can be found among the most awaited 13 titles introduced this year at the Sale. Ideal for children from ages 1 to 5 years, these books come equipped with a free, downloadable app for mobile devices: The Hippo Magic App. Simply scan the pages of each book with a tablet or smartphone and watch the characters come to life!

  • Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes (Cookery)

This is an adventurous cookbook by English Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver that embraces the cultures from incredible countries that he had visited. Along with completely new creations influenced by his travels, the book also includes some of the most famous and exciting dishes tweaked to his own creativity. Oliver gives a glimpse of recreated paellas of Spain, tagines of Morocco and risottos of Italy that can be easily, and authentically, put together in our own kitchens.

  1. The Car Book by DKF

From the first motor cars and classic cars to today’s supercars and Formula 1, this is the ultimate book on history of cars. Bursting with stunning curated photographs, and featuring more than 2,000 cars, The Car Book shows you the evolution of cars around the world over the last 130 years, and their impact on society as objects of curiosity, symbols of status and luxury, and items of necessity. The book also features virtual photographic tours of some of the most iconic cars from each era such as the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, Ford Model T, Lamborghini Countach, and Ferrari F40. Definitely a must have coffee table collection.

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